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                                China -Norway Seafarer Joint Training project, started of it to the all-out    support and wise guidance given running in September 1999. We owe every bitby China 's Ministry of  Foreign Affairs, of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation,  of Communications as well as those given by Norwegian  Prime Minister, the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of Tradeand Industry, and of Fishery.
                   On the red-letter day when the opening ceremony was held, more than 100 guests were invited. On the Norwegian side, there were Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador to China , Consul general to Shanghai , and Director General of NSA. On the Chinese side, there were our ambassador to Norway , top leaders from China Maritime Safety Administration and chief executives of China Shipping.
                   The purpose of the project is to train ships' officers in line with the requirements of STCW78/95. “Sandwich Mode” of teaching will be used here to ensure that graduates can satisfy the needs on the European labor market. The “Sandwich Mode” is that: first year, learning at academy to learn the basic navigation knowledge and English training; Second year, train onboard Norwegian Ships; Third year , come back to academy to learn the professional knowledge and get the competency certificates. The project will train the high-class seafarers which faced the Europe shipping market. Each year, Shanghai Maritime Academy and NSA will select the project cadets through English test, computer test and interview; at last the project will select 50 cadets (25 engine, 25 deck). The teachers which are all very excellent for the project will be arranged by SMA and NSA, some of the professional courses will be taught in English.


                  由中挪雙方聯合成立的上海中挪海員聯合培訓項目,在我國外交部、外經貿部、交通部和挪威王國政府首相及外交部、經貿部、漁業部等政府部門的大力支持和有效指導下,于1999年9月正式開班。挪威外交部秘書長、挪威駐華大使、挪威駐滬總領事、挪威船東協會董事長和我國駐挪威大使 、國家海事局領導、中國海運集團領導等100多位中外來賓出席了首屆三年制高級海員班開學典禮。

          電話:021-58311677 (黨政辦公室) 68881335 (培訓部) 58317699(招生就業)   傳真:021-68670908   E-mail:Sma.dzb@coscoshipping.com
          地址: 上海市浦東新區源深路158號 郵編: 200120
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